Monday, August 17, 2009

Cool Eats and Cold Water

We took the kids on a little road trip to check out some places we found on a motorcyle ride. We thought that they would think that the Road Island Diner was a pretty cool place to have breakfast. It is an old-fashioned silver diner that was moved across the country on a truck from Rhode Island to Oakley, UT in 2007. It is like stepping back in time. Their biscuits and gravy are not bad either...considering they are made by westerners. ;-)

Our next stop was Provo River Falls on our way up Mirror Lake Highway.

The kids enjoyed exploring all around the falls.

Even though the water was really cold, they eventually put on their swimsuits and got in. There are my bathing beauties sitting under the overhang next to the falls.

Marcus took Sandy's bet and went through the falls to stand behind the water. He got $10 for his brush with hypothermia! Can you see him through the falling water?

Me and my pups sitting above the falls.