Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recipe Exchange

On Saturday, I hosted a recipe exchange. About 15 ladies were present. Each brought copies of three recipes and brought one of the three prepared to share. Wow, did we have an abundance of fabulous food! I made Thai Chicken Pizza. My favorite dishes were the steak sandwiches with this heavenly gorgonzola cheese sauce and the pumpkin cheesecake...yummy!

Earlier in the day, Mallory's soccer team played a scrimmage to help prepare for the upcoming tournament over Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas.
Here are a couple of shots of Mal in action.

Ruunn Mallory, ruuunnn!

Um, yeah, that's a goal. :-)

Morgan, Mallory, and Carmel...who's the cutest?

Here is a common sight at our house. This is what Algebra homework looks like...You could put Mallory in place of Marcus, but Sandy will always look the same. Doesn't it look like fun?!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Utah Football Game

Marcus and I attended our first University of Utah football game this Thursday night. Carl went along with us. We parked downtown at Energy Solutions Arena and rode the Trax train to the stadium. The train was crowded but it worked out well. The game was great. Utah beat TCU with a touchdown in the last 42 seconds, 13-10. The place was going nuts. I think Marcus really enjoyed it. Utah is now ranked 9th in the BCS. WVU just got back into the top 25 last week and they still have a chance to win the Big East and get a BCS bowl game. It would be neat if WVU played Utah. I might have to go to that one.

The mountains got slammed this week. Snowbird got 48" and opened yesterday! Brighton (my personal favorite) is opening next Wednesday. Another storm is supposed to hit the mountains Sunday and Monday. Sweet! I still need to get some equipment for the kids. Marcus needs new boots and bindings for his snowboard. Mallory has boots but needs skis and bindings. Morgan is all set with Mallory's old skis and boots. We were going to go to the Park City Ski Swap last night, but I got a call from a co-worker who said the line was one hour out in the cold just to get in, and they were charging $8 per person even for the kids. Forget that. There will be other sales.

My scooter repair is going slowly. I am a software engineer, not a mechanic. I broke a part just trying to get to the piece I need to replace. Now I start the quest to find a crankshaft oil seal for a Chinese scooter. Good thing Spring is a long time away.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Boy

Since Marcus was at a party on Halloween, there were no pictures of him to include in the Halloween post. I thought that I would share a few pictures of his last outdoor tennis class for the season. I took these pics of him on Saturday.
He really enjoys this class. He has a great instructor, named Jason. Marcus and some other boys from South Jordan played in a couple of tournaments up in Salt Lake City at Liberty Park this past summer. He will have to go back up there for play under the bubble this winter. Saturday was beautiful, but I think we have seen our last 70 degree or tennis friendly day for...many months. :-(

Okay, this last picture has nothing to do with tennis and Marcus and Mallory will probably not like that I posted it, but it cracks me up! They were trying to see who had the longest neck...maybe I am just easily amused. ;-)

Halloween 2008

The weather on Halloween was beautiful. It did rain lightly after dark, but a little rain wasn't going to stop the trick-or-treaters! We started our evening with pumpkin carving. The girls were very serious about their designs. You can see Morgan practicing her future surgical skills...very focused. She finally looked up to flash a smile.

Mallory's friends and soccer teammates, Breanna and Melissa spent Halloween with us. You can see that they also took their pumpkin carving very seriously. I wonder if any pumpkin plants will spring up in our window wells next year? :-)

Here is a picture of the whole crew once they returned from trick-or-treating. They took a time out from candy eating to have a little chicken and potato "stoup".