Thursday, March 12, 2009

February Fun

Morgan celebrated her tenth birthday in February. We took Morgan and three of her friends to a local beauty college. They had their hair styled, nails painted, and make-up applied. We then returned to the house to have pizza and ice cream cake. Morgan and the girls had a blast! The top picture is Morgan and Sarah, showing off their nails. The second pic is Sarah, Morgan, Tori, and Mariana...all smiles!

Of course, there has been much skiing and boarding activity over the past month. The kids are loving it! I can't believe how adept they are. I went up to Brighton with them a couple of weeks ago and Morgan kept saying, "Mom, could you go a little faster?" I was clearly cramping her style. By the way, there is nothing cuter than her little goggled face surrounded by her fur hood. Marcus and Mallory are just a blur as they shoot past me down the mountain. I occasionally see them over-head on the lift...and hear them yell "Mom! Pizza-slice, pizza-slice!" A not so nice reference to my lack of skills.

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