Friday, March 13, 2009

St. George Friendly Games

Mallory's team participated in friendly games in St. George, Utah, the first weekend in March. The pictures from the games were taken by Mal's coach's husband, Jon.
The weather was gorgeous! It was nice to escape winter for a while. Although, the ride to and from St. George was a little challenging. You drive through some high elevations while traveling south through Utah. So, most of the team had to do some white-knuckle driving through the snow. We had some team families spend the night just 30 minutes north of St. George and they awoke to 6 inches of snow, while we awoke to sun and palm trees! Utah is an amazingly diverse state!

This shot is a little far away, but that is Mallory in the red jersey scoring a left-foot goal...go Mal, go!

This shot was taken a split second before Mallory went flying over the goalie's leg. It was a big dive and tumble. She was on the ground for a few seconds, recovering. If you click on the picture you can see how tense Mallory was. She said that she knew she was going down. Her left leg is bizarre looking!

In between the games on Saturday, we went to the Pasta Factory for a little carb-loading. :-) Here are our silly girls having fun. Mallory is at the top, right.

The Pasta Factory was in a quaint, historic area of St. George, called Ancestor Square. There were little shops, restaurants, and an art gallery. After lunch we wandered around and did some window shopping. There was a little pond with goldfish in the center of the square. The girls stopped there for a picture. From left to right are Kara, Ashley, Mallory, and Carly.

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