Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Toy

Well, I finally succumbed to peer pressure about riding a scooter and bought a motorcycle last Saturday. I got a Yamaha FJR1300. It is a sport touring bike. That means it has a performance engine and good clearance for turning, but also has an upright seating position and other comforts for longer trips. On Sunday, I took a ride with Jason to Little Sahara recreation area near Jericho, UT. It was about 150 miles round trip on some nice country roads. I had a blast and look forward to many road trips this summer.

Me and the bike on the west shore of Utah Lake. Provo/Orem is on the other side of the lake at the base of the mountains.

Idiots du-jour racing up sand mountain at the same time others are descending. I can see why the sign at the park entrance said "Days since serious incident: 0"

Redneck Sandy in his PBR shirt, surrounded by his trailor trash brethren.

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darrahzia said...

I see you are returning to your WV roots.